How to find a pdf file of an academic paper

Google Logo - We made it to Google's first page!
Google Logo - We made it to Google's first page!

Today is a Happy day! we made it to Google's first page!

Searching Google for Biomedical events in Toronto should give you a list of the most relevant links and we're there (... First page, last place - but still, it's the first page!) This is going to change for sure (Google's rankings fluctuate a lot) but we hope to stay on the first page - and maybe go up a little :)

Google trick for quickly finding a pdf

To celebrate this happy day, here is a google trick for quickly finding the pdf of that very important paper that no one seems to have (and frankly, spending ~$40 for reading a paper that was made possible thanks to taxpayers money makes absolutely no sense ...)

zika virus paper behind paywall

Usually Google scholar is your friend, but when even that fails here is an alternative strategy. Say that you want to read this paper about zika virus and brain infection from 1971.

zika virus paper behind paywall

Copy the title and paste it in the google search bar between quotes and append filetype:pdf

"Zika Virus infection of the central nervous system of mice" filetype:pdf

then click on the link at the bottom of the page that says:

repeat the search with the omitted results included.

the third link from the top should then lead you to the pdf file!