Made with love, sweat and tears

That was fun!
That was fun!

Welcome to this made-from-scratch blog. If you're interested in biomedical and life science news & data this is the blog for you! Here you'll find news, data-visualizations, insights and infographics about the Biomedical & Lifescience community.

Most of the content posted here will be inspired by events happening in Toronto. Remember to use the web application to see the ongoing events happening in the city.


This is a list of the excellent tools that made this blog possible:

Python | The backbone used for that generating posts, supporting the whole framework, publishing posts ...

Jinja2 | Templating engine for Python. Most of the documentation is linked to Flask -the lightweight web framework for Python- but obviously you can use it in an creative way it crosses your mind.

Natural Language Tolkit (NLTK) | This is a python library for doing natural language processing. It's very intuitive. NLTK is used for building the index of each post (this enables enable the search function - read below)

Javascript | Interested in learning javascript? Make note of this excellent book: Javascript: The Good Parts Javascript is used to query the index and to enable a search function across the pages/posts. The blog also makes use of this useful list of stopwords. The javascript implementation of the porter stemmer algorithm was taken from this website

jQuery | Was used to simplify few javascript tasks but it will soon leave this blog as we get our hands dirty with Javascript :)

There is no need to start from scratch If you want to build your own static blog/website! There are many python-based static site generators around (Pelican seems to be the most popular and user-friendly)

So, why doing everything from scratch?

well... N E V E R - S T O P - L E A R N I N G !